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Millenia Capital Casa de Bolsa S.A. aims to provide following services as brokerage firm according to the existing legislation:

  • Buy and sell securities for third parties and for own account, with own resources or of others, in a stock exchange or outside, provide advice on securities and on stock exchange transactions and provide our customers with an information system and data processing.

  • To subscribe temporarily, with own resources, part or all primary issues of securities.

  • To act as representative of the bondholders                                                                                                            
  • To bring the accounting value of its customers subject to the provisions of the Securities Market Act or the regulations issued by the National Securities Commission to that effect.
  • To grant credit, with own resources, solely for the purpose of facilitating the acquisition of securities by their constituents, whether or not registered in a stock exchange and the guarantee of such securities.

  • To promote the release of emissions of public and private securities and facilitate their placement.        
  • To receive credits from financial companies to perform activities that are proper.                                        
  • To perform all operations and services that are compatible with intermediation activity in the stock market and previously and general rules authorized by the National Securities Commission and the Stock Exchange that integrates. Building on the recent agreement signed between BVPASA and Millenia BVM Capital Casa de Bolsa S.A. will offer comprehensive solutions to local businesses taking advantage of new lines of financing through the capital market.
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